Where Should I Start?


When our customers come to us, they are often aware that they have many data issues in their CRM database, but aren't sure of the best place to start fixing them. What we tell them is that the first step toward improving their data quality is gaining visibility into what exactly the issues are. Only then can they begin to create solutions to fix those issues.

The Customer Data Health Assessment offers such visibility, and is the best place to start with Insycle. Many Insycle customers use this as their home base.

Insycle's Customer Data Health Assessment audits your entire CRM database and surfaces data quality issues that negatively impact your marketing, sales, and support efforts. Then, the Health Assessment guides you through the process of fixing them.

Data Issues & Categories Tracked

Insycle's Health Assessment comes with preloaded templates that track common data issues in your CRM. At the top of the Health Assessment page, you'll find an updated count of all records with identified data issues, sorted into categories.

health assessment issue tracking


These issues are grouped into predefined categories:

  • Business Validation
  • Incomplete Data
  • Duplicate Data
  • Poorly Formatted Data
  • Low-Quality Data
  • Invalid Data
  • Inconsistent Data

A single record may have multiple issues, and will thus be included in multiple categories.

The Health Assessment also provides you with a breakdown of the individual issues detected within each category.

duplicate data


This will help you to identify the most common problems in your database and prioritize issues to fix.

Fixing Issues From the Health Assessment

The Customer Data Health Assessment not only identifies issues, but also makes fixing those issues simple. On the Health Assessment page, next to each individual issue, you'll see the Review button.



Clicking this button will automatically load the appropriate Insycle module and template to fix the issue directly in Insycle.

For instance, if we click the Fix button next to By Company Name shown above, we'll be directed to the Merge Duplicates module with the correct template loaded.


This makes identifying and fixing data issues in your CRM simple and straightforward.

Tracking Data Health Issues Over Time

The Customer Data Health Assessment makes it easy to track your data health issues over time, allowing you to monitor and report on improvements. The Health Assessment page includes a graph that visualizes the number of weekly data issues in each of the different categories tracked in the Health Assessment.

health assessment graph

Additionally, you can always turn back the clock to see data from previous Health Assessment runs. Insycle's Health Assessment analyzes your data on a nightly basis.

historical record


Then, you can return to previous dates to understand how your data health has changed over time or to report on previous time periods.

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