How To Troubleshoot When Things Don't Work as Expected


Sometimes you might run an operation and it doesn't turn out as expected. Fortunately, there is a simple process you can follow to identify where things break and what to do to resolve the issue.

TL;DR - Pick one or two sample records and examine the data using the Grid Edit module to determine whether the issue is due to (i) mismatching data, (ii) a sync gap, or (iii) template configuration. 

1. Examine the Data to Identify Why Things Don't Work

When you run into an issue, examining the raw data in Grid Edit can help you spot inconsistent values and diagnose data sync problems between your CRM and Insycle. 

Typically, an operation would fail to run due to one of the following reasons:

  • Mismatched or unexpected data: For example, the company name is "Acme Inc." instead of "Acme".
  • Sync gap: For example, data in Insycle is different from the data in the CRM. 
  • Template configuration: Something is missing or not set up properly in the configuration. 

The first step in troubleshooting is to pick one sample record and identify why the operation is not running as expected for that specific sample record. For deduplication, pick one sample group of records. For linking/association pick one sample pair of records.

Troubleshooting Best Practices

It's difficult to troubleshoot all records together in bulk because there could be different types of issues affecting the data. The best practice is to isolate and troubleshoot just one record at a time. 

In Grid Edit, add a filter to show only the sample records and add the relevant fields into the layout. Now you can see the data and identify whether the values as seen by Insycle are in line with your expectations and match the values in the CRM.

In the above example, we can see that not all company names that included the term "Nike" were the same. One is called "Nike 1st." This could cause our template to miss duplicates if we use the "Exact Match" setting and could require that we alter our template. 

Depending on what you find when viewing your data, you can expect one of three outcomes:

Is the Data Different Than Expected?

If the data in your field is different than expected, you can alter your template to account for variations. If the data is very inconsistent, you may need to format and standardize it first. 

Is Your Field Empty in Insycle?

If you don't see data in the relevant field in Insycle, but the field contains data in your CRM, it is likely a field syncing issue. In this case, contact support through live chat to trigger a manual sync for the field.

Are Recent Updates Not Showing in Insycle?

If recent updates across all fields aren't showing up, it may be due to database sync lag. You can trigger a manual sync by following the directions in the Refresh Data, Sync Latest Changes article.

2. Review Your Audit Trail Report

View your operation reports on the Activity Tracker page. You can download reports by clicking the Run ID.


In the CSV you can see a before-and-after snapshot of every field altered using Insycle.


3. Collect Information to Share With Support
If you're unable to pinpoint what is causing the problem with your operation, reach out to support via chat.

To speed up troubleshooting, please include a screenshot of your settings and a sample record that didn't update as expected. For example:

  • Record ID is 123456
  • Record type is Contact
  • Current value for the "First Name" field is "JANE"
  • Expected value is "Jane"
  • Template configuration screenshot

Once you have your information together, contact support via the live chat button at the bottom of every page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing an "Action Required" popup about chat support?

Every page of the Insycle app includes a live chat button, giving you direct access to Insycle Support.


Some kinds of adblockers and privacy settings configured in your browser can prevent the chat widget from working properly. If Insycle detects an issue, the "Action Required: Enable Live Chat Support" popup will let you know. 

To ensure you can get direct access to Insycle support from within the app, add the URL for the chat widget,https://widget.intercom.ioto your browser's allowlist/whitelist, then log out and back into Insycle.

If you need further help, you can reach the support team by email at


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