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Keeping the data in your CRM consistent and properly formatted is critical for ensuring that it is searchable, filterable, and usable. Reliably formatted data allows your teams to use the data with confidence, improving campaigns and decision-making.

With Insycle, you can format nearly any field in your database using pre-defined rulesets. Some of the most commonly formatted fields are names, phone numbers, and addresses. With Insycle you can:

  • Format people and company names for proper case (capitalization) to improve personalization.

  • Format phone numbers for a one-click dial with integrated autodialers and readability.

  • Format street address conventions: New York vs NY, Street vs. St vs St. for integration with other systems, physical mail deliverability, deduplication, and readability.

How It Works

Insycle can format fields like names, phone numbers, addresses, and other text fields using both pre-built templates or custom rules that you create.

In Insycle, you can select pre-built functions that can format and standardize common fields:



You can also build custom templates using Insycle's functions to format specific fields in your database.

street address format


Quick Overview

To format records in Insycle, you simply filter your data down to the records that you would like to update, tell Insycle how to format those fields using pre-built and custom instructions, and then preview the changes or push them live to your database.

Existing data can be formatted in bulk in the second step of the Transform Data Module. Data can also be formatted on import using the third step in the Magical Import module.

Format Names, Phone Numbers, and Addresses In Bulk

Here are step-by-step instructions that show you how to use the Transform Data module to format fields in Insycle.

Step 1: Define Filter, Then Click Search

Open the Transform Data module and pick a record type, for example, Contact or Company to get started. For our purposes, we will be using Contacts, but you can also format phone numbers and address data for companies.

For a quick start, explore the default templates. Insycle includes numerous pre-built templates that can help us to format names, phone numbers, and addresses simply.

There might be a template that already solves exactly what you need. Alternatively, use an existing template as a starting point and adjust it to your requirements.

select record type


This will pre-load the template. You can add onto templates with custom additions. Then get started.

First, filter your CRM down to the records that you would like to format. In this example, we will filter down to records that contain data for the fields that we would like to format.

define filter


This way, we aren't trying to format fields that don't contain any data. You can add any filter that you would like that is relevant to your use case — lifecycle stages, record creation dates, engagement triggers, etc. Insycle can utilize any data that is captured by your CRM in the filter stage.

When you click the Search button, a preview of the data will be generated at the bottom of the screen.

records preview


You can alter the fields that appear in this preview by clicking the "Layout" tab in Step 1.

Step 2: Pick fields, then functions to apply

In Step 2, we tell Insycle how we would like to update and format the fields that we selected with the filter in Step 1.

You select the field, then the functions that you would like to apply to the field. You can apply multiple functions to a single field, as we do in the example below.

Applying functions is simple. We built a function that formats all three records, then break down how it works.

First, let's look at the Phone Number and First Name formatting functions.

Formatting phone number and first name


In the first selection, we are using the "Format phone USA" function to format all phone numbers in our database to the U.S. standard.

For first names, we are doing several things:

  • Removing leading or trailing whitespace
  • Removing salutations: Mr or Mr. or Mrs or Mrs. or any other you specify
  • Proper case (capitalization) from JANE/jane to Jane

This not only formats our names correctly but cleans up the data a bit as it does.

In the third field, Street Address, we are standardizing various aspects of the address.

street address format


This formats and standardizes several aspects of the Street Address field.

  • Street → St
  • Drive → Dr
  • Avenue → Ave
  • Boulevard → Blvd

There are also pre-built functions for standardizing states, to either their full name (New York) or their abbreviation (NY).

Step 3: Preview or Update

In step 3, you can either preview the changes to our data or push the changes live to your CRM.

Click the "Review" button.

review button


This brings up a three-step process. First, we have the option to choose whether we would like to run in Preview Mode or Update Mode.

preview or update


Preview Mode generates a CSV report that allows you to see what changes would be made to your data. Update Mode pushes the changes live into your database.

In the Notify tab, you can customize the email report that is generated. Here, you can add colleagues to the list of emails receiving the report and provide additional context.



In the third screen, you can choose whether you would like to run the Transform Data module one time immediately, or schedule it to run on a set schedule.



By automating formatting, you can ensure that critical fields in your CRM are formatted consistently, removing manual formatting tasks from your to-do list.

Once you run the operation, a CSV report will be generated.



You can click on the RUN ID to open the CSV report, detailing the changes. This report is always available in the Activity Tracker.

Once you are satisfied with how the operation runs, you can save your settings as a template for future use by clicking on the "+" and "Save" buttons on the Template Menu.



Format Names, Phone Numbers, and Addresses On Import


The process of formatting data in Insycle is simple and straightforward using the Magical Import module.

First, you upload your CSV import file. Then, you apply the formatting functions in Step 3 of the import process. Then you can preview the changes, or push them live to your CRM.

Then, you can save these templates for formatting on import for future use, saving you time on all future formatting tasks, or even automate it to happen on a consistent, regular schedule. All changes to your data can be tracked for auditing in the Activity Tracker.

Step 3: Prepare Data. Optional Step: Cleanse, format, append, or tweak the data before importing

In this step, you can prepare and update your data in various ways before importing. For instance, you can format specific fields, cleanse data, and perform other actions to prepare and organize your data before importing.

We’ll show you how to format names, phone numbers, and addresses before they are imported into your CRM database.

To do this, select the “Functions” tab.

Here, you’ll be able to select a specific field and then a function to apply to that field.

format on import


On the left-hand side, we have the Column Name. This is a column from the CSV file that you are importing.

On the right side, you select a Function for each field. This is where you tell Insycle how to format each field.

In the example above, we are doing three things:

  1. Formatting first and last names to proper capitalization
  2. Formatting phone numbers to the E.164 international standard
  3. Formatting and standardizing US States

Formatting options are available for any field in your import CSV.

The list of functions is long. To find functions that might apply to a specific field, you can use the search feature in the Function dropdown.

phone number formatting


Some examples of other functions that you can apply in this step include:

  • Formatting names and companies for proper case
  • Formatting phone numbers & addresses to popular standards
  • Removing terms/whitespace/non-letters/symbols
  • Add prefixes and suffixes
  • Extract data from a field, such as domains
  • Much more
  • Examples

Example: Format Phone Numbers to E. 164 International Standard

phone number


Format First Name for Capitalization, Remove Salutations, and Remove Whitespace

format first name


Format and Standardize Street Addresses

format street address


Frequently Asked Questions

Which templates can I use to format names?

Template Name


Format First Name

Formats first name for proper capitalization

Format Last Name

Formats last name for proper capitalization

Remove Middle Name From First Name

Removes middle names from the "First Name" field

Split Full Name Into First and Last Name

Splits a full name field into First Name and Last Name fields

Extract First and Last Name From Email Address

Extracts first and last names from email addresses and places them in appropriate fields


Which templates can I use to format phone numbers?

Template Name


Format Phone Number E. 164

Formats phone numbers to the E. 164 international standard

Format Phone Number US (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Formats USA phone numbers to the (xxx) xxx-xxxx standard

Format Phone Number US +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Formats USA phone numbers to the 1+ (xxx) xxx-xxxx standard


Which templates can I use to format addresses?

Template Name


Standardize State Address

Formats phone numbers to the E. 164 international standard

Standardize Street Address

Formats USA phone numbers to the (xxx) xxx-xxxx standard

Extract City from Full Address

Formats USA phone numbers to the 1+ (xxx) xxx-xxxx standard

Extract Postal Code from Full Address

Extracts postal code from an address and places it in the City field


Can you help me build a custom template to format a specific field in my database?

Yes. If you are having trouble figuring out how to format a specific field, contact customer support via the live chat to receive help with template building.

Do I have to filter my data?

Yes. While you can run the Transform Data module without one, Insycle will analyze your entire database. This is not advisable, as the operations can take a very long time for large database. Instead, it is easier to filter your data down into small segments, and use multiple templates rather than running operations for your entire database.

Can I format numbers with country codes?

Yes, Insycle can help you format for country codes. For more information, check this help article.


Phone Number Formatting In HubSpot:

HubSpot's phone number formatting features can conflict with Insycle's ability to format phone number fields. If HubSpot's automatic phone number formatting is turned on and you'd like to use Insycle for formatting, you'll need to revert this and un-apply the format in HubSpot.

However, it is not always simple to remove because clicking "Remove" alone will not remove this. You need to also add one space to the phone number for the "Confirm" button to be activated.


Add the space at the end of the phone number field in HubSpot, then click 'Confirm.'



Lastly, make sure to click the Save button to save the changes.


Templates & Automation

Insycle's Templates can be set up for ongoing data maintenance automation with Insycle on the module level using Templates, string templates together using Recipes, or integrate directly with Workflows in HubSpot.

Audit Trail and History

The Activity Tracker lets you review all changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report of the operation and records affected, including while using Transform Data.

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