user roles and permissions in Insycle

Insycle makes it easy to effectively and securely collaborate with members of your team. Using Insycle, you have complete control over who can read and write data in your connected CRM through advanced user roles and permissions.

Using Insycle's permissions, you can assign specific users' read and write capabilities on a module-by-module level. That way, if you want someone to only be able to work on one issue in your CRM—merging duplicates for example—they could be assigned both read and write access to just the Merge Duplicates module, ensuring that they don't accidentally make other changes to your data.


Ensuring that the right person has access to the right data and tools in Insycle is simple.

First, navigate to the Settings > Users page in the main navigation menu. There, you can individually select Insycle users and set their Insycle permissions on a module-by-module level.

Insycle's permissions act as another layer of permissions over the top of your in-app permissions. Any read or write access granted by Insycle permissions does not override settings in your integrated CRM.

Menu roles and permissions



For every Insycle module that allows you to modify data, you can assign "Read" or "Write" permissions for your team members. In order to modify any data in a module, a user must have 'Write' permission for that module. See our Module Overviews for additional information about the different modules.

First, select the user.



Then, you assign them permissions on a module-by-module basis. Here is a sample permissions settings for a user. Skyler can review duplicates and generate duplicate reports, but cannot merge those duplicates. Skyler will also be able to import CSVs using Magical Import, and collaborate with the team on corrections using Grid Edit. The remaining modules will not be visible for Skyler.

Sample Insycle permissions settings

permission makes a module accessible and visible from the main menu. Without the Read permission, the relevant module will be hidden for that user. For example, the following user only has read access to the Merge Duplicates, Magical Import, and Grid Edit modules.

Insycle menu corresponding to permission settings

With the 'Read' permission users can collaborate and review data, review templates, and run operations in Preview mode. However, with Read permission users cannot modify any data. This is ideal when you want users to test solutions and templates in Insycle, but do not want them to be able to modify data.

Write permissions enables users to save templates, run operations in Update mode, and schedule automations. In order to modify any data, a user must have Write permission.

User Roles

A person can be assigned to one of the following three roles:

  • Owner: An owner can assign 'Admin' role to other users and also set permissions to other users. Only one user can have 'Owner' role, typically it's the billing user.
  • Admin: An admin can set permissions to other users. Multiple users can have 'Admin' role.
  • User: A user can perform read or write operations based on the permissions assigned to them by an 'Owner' or 'Admin'.
In-App Permissions vs. Insycle Permissions

Insycle's permissions act as an additional layer of permissions over the top of the existing permissions settings in your app.

For example, if you don't have permission to edit records in HubSpot, you cannot edit records in Insycle regardless of your Insycle permissions settings. Insycle's permissions will never override existing permissions in your connected CRM.

Frequently Asked Questions

When permissions are changed, when do they take effect?

When permissions are changed they take effect immediately. It doesn't require the users to log out and log in, permissions are enforced right away. The visual menu changes will reflect on the next user login, even if the user can still the menu items and edit options.

For example, if an admin removes Write permissions from Skyler on the Grid Edit module, from that moment on Skyler will not be able to edit any data in Grid Edit.

Even if Skyler hasn't logged out and back it and after the permissions change, they'd still not be able to write data, and if they attempt to modify data they'd receive the following error message.

Error message when attempting to modify data without permissions

After logging out and back in, the Edit options will not be available to Skyler, and similarly, saving Schedules or Templates will be disabled in the module settings menu.

Templates edit and save options disabled

Additionally, the Update mode in the Review dialog will also be disabled.

Why can't I run an Insycle recipe?

In order to run a recipe, you need to have Write permissions for all the modules. Even if the target recipe doesn't use all modules, Insycle requires that in order to save or run a recipe, the user must have Write permissions for all the modules.

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