Mailchimp Bulk Operations Overview

bulk operations

Managing a Mailchimp database is no small feat, especially when data clutter and inconsistencies start accumulating–affecting productivity, team morale, and your bottom line. Incorrect or useless data is more than just an inconvenience–it's a business obstacle that can balloon Mailchimp costs, diminish email open rates, and tarnish your brand’s reputation.

With Insycle’s Bulk Operations module, you can surface problem data and make updates in bulk based on your defined criteria. You can add or remove values in multi-select fields, find and delete potential junk records, make straightforward, "If value=x, set it to=y," changes, and more. The built-in templates, powerful filtering, and flexible actions create a smoother data management experience for your team.

Key Use Cases

Preview Changes Before They Go Live

You can preview the changes that you are making to your data before those changes are pushed to your live database. When you run select modules in Insycle, you have the option of choosing between Preview Mode and Update Mode once you click the button.


You can automate bulk updates, field clearing, or deletions to run on a set schedule. For instance, you may want to delete records automatically that enter your CRM but do not have an email.

You can set up ongoing data maintenance automation with Insycle on the module level using Recipes.

Audit Trail and History

The Activity Tracker lets you review all changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report of the operation and records affected, including while using Bulk Operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bulk update any field in my database?

You can update any field in your CRM that is writable using the Bulk Operations module. To see a full list of writable fields for each record type, use the Cleanse Data module.

Is the old data from the field deleted when I run the bulk update?

Yes, the pre-existing data in the record will be overwritten by the bulk update. If you need this data for reference or restoration, it will be available in the CSV in the Activity Tracker.

Can Insycle bulk delete data from Mailchimp?

Yes, you can use Insycle to delete data from any field in Mailchimp that is writable using the Bulk Operations module. Learn more about bulk deleting records.

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