Custom Objects and Custom Fields

custom objects and fields

Insycle supports all custom objects and custom fields across the connected apps, letting you manage all data using a unified interface.

You can use all Insycle modules to manage, maintain, and automate data operations with any custom objects, in the same way Insycle works with standard objects.

Custom fields are enabled by default for all apps.

To add Salesforce or HubSpot custom objects send us a list of objects via chat or email to

Custom Objects

Insycle supports custom objects for all connected apps. To have a custom object enabled for your account, please contact support through chat or email.

Once enabled, you'll be able to select your custom object from the top of relevant module screens, just as you would other objects like contacts, companies, and deals.

custom objects


Custom Fields

Custom fields in your CRM are enabled by default in Insycle and should be available as soon as your account is connected.

In some cases, such as with Salesforce, there may be specific settings that enable Insycle to interface with custom fields. If you find that custom fields that you have created are not available in Insycle, please look into relevant settings. Review the troubleshooting Salesforce custom field issues info, then if you are still unable to identify why your custom fields are not available, please contact support.

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