Intercom Grid Edit Overview

Grid Edit Module Overview


The Grid Edit module for Intercom allows you to filter and in-line edit data flexibly and powerfully. Being able to quickly edit and correct data for updates and fixes is critical to keeping your CRM data healthy.

But updating your data can be difficult. Editing data inside of your Intercom is often too time-consuming. Filtering data down to specific slices is difficult. Then when you update, you need to open individual records, find the correct field, and edit it every time that you need to make an update in Intercom.

Making corrections and updates in Excel isn't a walk in the park, either. It can take a lot of time to export the right slice of data, identify issues, and manually correct them. Then you re-import and hope that there are no issues.

With Insycle, editing and updating data is simple yet powerful with the Grid Edit module.

Use Cases

Sample Use Case: Quickly Edit and Correct Data


With Insycle for Intercom, it is easy to filter data using any field, then manually update data by hand using simple in-line editing.

To do this, use the Grid Edit module. First, you set a filter that tells Insycle what fields and records you would like to edit, based on rules. You can filter your Intercom data using any field.

Then Insycle loads your data in a convenient table-style editor, where you can quickly edit individual fields with ease. The data that you filter can be exported once or on a continuous set schedule, directly to your own, or a teammate's inbox.

Supported Intercom Record Types

Insycle supports the following Intercom record types:

  • Users
  • Leads
  • Companies
  • Tags
  • Teammates

You can select the record type that you would like to import at the top of the Grid Edit module screen.

Quickly Edit and Correct Data In Intercom

Sometimes, editing and correcting data in Intercom can be tedious—particularly if you have a large number of records that you would like to update.

You have to navigate to profiles, dig into the data fields, edit them, save them, and do this for every record profile that you would like to update. Either that or you export the data and make your corrections in Excel. Then you re-import and hope that there are no issues, but there often are.

With Insycle, quickly editing and correcting data in Intercom is simple yet powerful.

To learn more, see Quickly Edit and Correct Data in Intercom.


With your Intercom Grid Edit settings set up and running smoothly, you can then save your settings as a template. With a template, all of your settings are saved including field mapping, functions, import modes, etc.

Then, any time that you need to edit similar data and select the template, these settings will be automatically loaded, saving your time.

To create and save a new template, you click the “+” symbol on the right-hand side of the template banner.

template save

After creating the template, you must save the template by clicking the save icon on the far right-hand side of the same menu.


You can set up ongoing data maintenance automation with Insycle on the module level, or using Recipes.

Audit Trail and History

The Activity Tracker lets you review all changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report of the operation and records affected.

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