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Insycle keeps your data in sync using a fully automated adaptive algorithm that runs hourly and nightly. Insycle is constantly checking its own records against the data that you have in your connected app to ensure that it is up to date.

In short, modified records sync hourly, and deleted records sync nightly.

When Does Automatic Syncing Happen?

When you make changes through Insycle, everything is in sync. So as soon as you push a data update live to your CRM, the two platforms will be kept in sync.

When an update to data is made from the CRM side, it does take some time for those changes to be synced with Insycle. When you make changes in the CRM directly it syncs back to Insycle in the following way:

  • Every hour: records modified in the past hour, and metadata changes (new fields, picklists, etc.)
  • On login: records modified in the past hour
  • From Insycle Settings > Accounts: manually trigger sync for records modified in the past day (see below)
  • Every night: full sync, both modified AND deleted records. 

We can also trigger full sync manually anytime, feel free to reach out and let us know when needed.

Data Onboarding After Signing Up

After signing up, Insycle needs to onboard data from your connected app. You can not update data until your data is fully onboarded.

You'll see a red banner across the top of the Insycle dashboard while this is taking place.

data onboarding

This can take some time, especially for larger databases. The amount of time is dependent upon a number of factors including the app that you are connecting, the number of data fields that you collect, the number of records in your database, and API limitation considerations.

You will be notified by email when your data onboarding is completed and you can begin updating data using Insycle.

Accessing and Reading Sync Logs

You can view sync operation logs in the Settings > Sync Status page on the main navigation menu bar.

Once there, you will see a log of the latest sync activities connected with your account. You will see all sync activities for all apps that are connected to Insycle.

app breakdown

Each sync operation included in the log provides you with some basic information about the sync activity:

  • App. The connected app that was synced (HubSpot, Salesforce, Intercom, etc.)
  • Account Name. The name of the account that was synced.
  • As Of. The time that the sync operation completed.
  • Total Difference. The differences in total records between Insycle and your CRM. This can alert you if the sync is not completing for some reason, such as in Salesforce where there are API limit considerations that can prevent the sync from taking place.
  • Total Insycle. The total number of records in Insycle.
  • Total app. The total number of record sin your connected app.
  • Breakdown. A breakdown of what types of records are included in those totals — contacts, companies, deals, etc.
How to Trigger a Manual Sync

In some cases, you may want to trigger a sync to update Insycle with changes just made in the underlying CRM.

Navigate to Settings > Sync Status, select an account, and click the Sync changes from last day button.


You'll see a confirmation that Insycle kicked off incremental sync for the changes made within the last day.

incremental sync

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