Understanding the data you have in your CRM is a huge piece of the data management puzzle. Being able to effectively filter, group, and analyze your data is critical for reporting, data maintenance, and decision-making across your whole organization.

Insycle makes it easy to drill down into your data to understand what you have in each field and analyze it. Using Insycle, you can explore field values and unearth important stats, then drill down into individual records.

Examples include generating counts of all values in your contact's industry field, or the number of accounts assigned to specific sales reps.

Let's explore how this works in Insycle.


With Insycle, you can analyze data easily using smart rules to filter your data, then group by stats for specific fields.

It's simple. First, you select a field that you would like to analyze. Insycle will generate a list of all values that are contained within that field and tell you how many times each specific value appears, and may also provide additional stats depending on the field type. This gives you a top-down view of the values in each field while allowing you to drill down and view the underlying data.

Step 1: Pick a Field to Group By

Select the Group & Update module from the main navigation menu on the lefthand side of your screen.

Then, in Step 1, we tell Insycle what field we would like to group by and analyze. In our example, we'll be grouping and analyzing the Industry field.

Industry Field Group By

Once your field is selected, click the Analyze button. A preview of your data will be generated at the bottom of the screen in the Record Viewer.

Industries in Record Viewer

This provides you with all of the values contained within this particular field, along with a count of how many times we appear. In the above example, we can see that the most common Industry among our contacts is Home Services.

If you select one of the checkboxes next to a value, you can drill down into the individual records contained within that bucket for additional context and analysis. The individual records will show up in a second Record Viewer, just beneath your values.

Record Viewer Example

It is also important to note that you are not limited to grouping and analyzing by just one field. You can use multiple fields.

Add Field Button

You can group by additional fields by clicking the Add Field button, then click the Analyze button to see the results in the Record Viewer, which will group records based on multiple fields.

Multiple Field Groupings

Additionally, for integer and number-based fields, you will receive additional metrics. For example, if we were to group by Deal Owner and Deal Amount, you receive additional information such as the minimum, maximum, average, and total deal amounts generated by each Deal Owner.

Integer Field Stats

Just as with a single field, you can select the checkboxes here to drill down into the individual records contained within each bucket.

If we select "Chen Karniel," we will see all deals assigned to her, along with the deal stage of each.

Drill Down into Deals

You can edit the fields that show in the Record Viewer in the Layout tab of Step 1.

Edit Layout

Use the Group & Update module to group and explore any field in your database and gain a better understanding of your data.


You can set up ongoing data maintenance automation with Insycle on the module level, using Recipes, or integrating with Workflows. You can view all scheduled automations on the “Automations” page on your dashboard.

Audit Trail and History

The Activity Tracker lets you review all changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report of the operation and records affected.

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