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How to Identify and Assign Owners to Contacts That Don't Have One

Ensuring the contacts in your CRM are all assigned owners helps your sales team run smoothly. You just need a reliable way to catch contacts that don't have owners assigned yet.

The Bulk Operations module makes it easy to find and fix contacts without owners, and receive email reports when new ownerless contacts are found.

Process Summary

  1. Filter records down to those who need owners.
  2. Assign the owner of those records using rules.
  3. Preview the results and apply the changes to your CRM.
  4. Set up automation to send an email when new ownerless contacts are found.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Filter Records that Need Owner

In the Bulk Operations module, select the database and record type in the top menu. Then explore the templates for an existing solution that may be close to what you need.

Under Step 1, under the Filter tab, choose fields and criteria the field values must meet. With this filter, you're telling Insycle what records you would like to update. 

In the example below, we are looking for contact records from a specific State/Region (California) that also have a blank Contact Owner field. 

If you wanted to reassign contacts that already have an owner, remove the “Contact owner doesn’t exist” row from the filter.


If you wanted to expand the filter and find contacts in California or Oregon or Washington, return to the filter under Step 1 and use the pipe “|” character (located just above the Enter key on your keyboard) to separate the values. This would look like, “CA|OR|WA.”


When you click Search, Insycle will list matching records in the Record Viewer at the bottom of the page.


Whenever you make changes to the filter, click the Search button again to refresh the results in the Record Viewer.

Step 2: Select New Contact Owner

Under Step 2 in the Update tab, tell Insycle what changes to make to the records found in Step 1.

Select the Contact Owner field from the Field Name dropdown, and under New Value, select a new owner to assign these contacts to.

The Field Meta value provides information about the field type and is automatically populated by Insycle. This information will vary depending on the chosen field. The Contact Owner field is a “Reference” field, which means the field refers to another record in the database.


To make additional updates to these records, click the + Field button and add another field. 


Step 3: Preview and Apply Changes in Your CRM

Preview Changes in the CSV Report

With the filters and functions set up, you can preview the changes in a CSV file. It's important to verify that your changes are working as expected before those changes are pushed to your live database.

Under Step 3, click the Review button, then select Preview in the popup.


On the Notify tab, add any additional recipients who should receive the CSV (and make sure to hit Enter after each address). You can also provide additional context in the message subject or body.

On the When tab, click Run Now and select which records to apply the change to (in most cases this will be All), then click the Run Now button.

Open the CSV file from your email in a spreadsheet application and review the (Before) and (After) values for each field. If the results don't look the way you expected, go back to your filters and functions and try making some adjustments before previewing again.


Apply Changes to the CRM

If everything in your CSV preview looks correct, return to Insycle and move forward with applying the changes to the live CRM data.

Under Step 3, click the Review button, this time select Update mode.

On the When tab, you should use Run Now the first time you apply these changes to the CRM.


Set Up Automation to Send Email When Ownerless Contacts Found

After you've seen the results in the CRM and are satisfied with how the operation runs, you can save the configuration as a template. This will save you time and provide consistent results in the future.

Next, set up automation so this template runs on a set schedule and acts as an alert system when a contact record with an empty Contact Owner field is found. When the automation runs, Insycle will send you an email with the CSV report of unassigned records. 

Under Step 3, click Review.

You can select Preview mode if you just want to be notified of the issue, or use Update mode to be notified and change all the records in the CRM.

On the Notify tab, you can tailor the alert message to get your attention. Enter a subject line like “[ALERT] New Contact Needs Owner.” Add recipients who should follow up, and add additional instructions or context to the message. The CSV export will be attached to the email whenever it is generated and delivered to the emails you provided.


On the When tab under Automate, select the frequency and schedule for the process to run.


Advanced How-Tos

Viewing More Columns in the Record Viewer

If you'd like to see more information for each of the resulting records, you can alter the fields in the Record Viewer by using the Layout tab in Step 1. To view a field, drag it to the left column.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undo bulk owner assignment?

Yes, but not from within the Bulk Operations module. You can access the CSV that shows the before-and-after for bulk updates in the Activity Tracker and re-import the changed data if needed.

Can I bulk assign owners based on rules?

Yes, In Step 1, you can filter down to the records that you would like to update. For example, you could assign owners to contacts or accounts located in a specific state, or at a specific lifecycle stage.

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