How to Become a Customer Data Wizard Using the Transform Data Tool


Ensuring that you have the correct data in the right field is important for keeping your data filterable and usable—both for your teams and for integrations. But sometimes, you need to fill in a field based on the values in another field.

For instance, you might want to take a Job Title, map it to your persona name, and then place it in your Persona field.

Insycle can help you to map data in an existing field, then copy and move values between fields simply and powerfully, using the Transform Data Module.

How It Works

Insycle allows you to easily filter data, then map fields to a new value and place it in a new field—such as mapping Chief Executive Officer → CEO Steve, and then placing that value in your Persona field. This allows you to populate one field, based on the data in another field.


You simply filter your data down to the records that you would like to move, map the data within those selected fields, then tell Insycle which fields you'd like to move data between. Then you tell Insycle how to move it with the "Move" and "Copy" functions.

The Map function rewrites existing data based on rules. The Move function takes your data from one field and moves it to another, deleting the data in the source field. The Copy function copies the data and duplicates it in another field, leaving the data in the source field.

Step 1: Define Filter

To map values from one field to another, we'll use the Transform Data module. Select your object type—Contacts, Companies, Deals, or custom objects—from the top of the screen.

In our example, we'll be looking for people with "Marketing Director" or "Marketing Manager" in their job title, so that we can assign them with the persona of "Mary Marketer."

In Step 1, we set a filter that defines the records that we would like to update, based on rules.


Here is our input into the text field:

Marketing Director|Marketing Manager

If you click the Search Button, a preview of the records identified by this filter will populate bottom of the screen in the Record Viewer.

Record Viewer Preview


Step 2: Pick Fields, Then Map Data

In Step 2, we apply the mapping function and also tell Insycle where and how we would like to move the data using the Move or Copy functions, depending on whether you would like the data to remain in the original field.

Here is an example.

Apply Functions


Here, we are mapping Job Title field based on the Existing Text in the field. In the Existing Text field, we have put:

Marketing Director|Marketing Manager

When records match these Job Titles, we are mapping with the New Text "Mary." Then we use the Copy function to copy the data into the Persona field.

When you use the Copy function, the mapped value from your source field (Job Title) is copied into your target field (Persona). With the Copy function, the original data remains in the source field.

You can also select the Move function. With the Move function, the data from the source is once again copied to your target field. However, with the Move function, the data is cleared from the source field.

Step 3: Preview, Run, or Automate

Now, with our Filter and update action in place, we can run the Transform Data module to update our selected records.

When ready, Click the Review button. A popup will appear.

Here, in the Mode screen, we can select the Preview Mode or Update Mode. Preview Mode runs the process and makes the changes reviewable in a CSV file, but does not update your live database.

If you choose Update mode, the data changes will go live in your CRM when the operation is processed.

Preview or Update


Then click the Next button.

In the next screen, you can choose who receives the generated report and add additional details to the message. Click Next.

In the final screen, you can choose whether you would like this operation to run one time, or on a regular basis. There are two tabs on this screen—Automate and Run Now.

Automate or run Now


When you select the Run Now tab, you are choosing to run the Transform Data operation one time, immediately.

Alternatively, you can schedule this module to run on a set, recurring basis in the Automate tab, so that you never have to map and move the data for similar records again. After the operation runs, you'll receive a report.

The CSV report shows the records that were updated, along with the Before and After look at the Persona field that you altered. You will also have a report automatically emailed to you and anyone else you included in the Notify screen.

CSV Report


Preview Changes Before They Go Live

You can preview the changes that you are making to your data before those changes are pushed to your live database. When you run select modules in Insycle, you have the option of choosing between Preview Mode and Update Mode once you click the button.


You can set up ongoing data maintenance automation with Insycle on the module level, using Recipes, or integrating with Workflows. You can view all scheduled automations on the “Automations” page on your dashboard.

Audit Trail and History

The Activity Tracker lets you review all changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report of the operation and records affected.

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