How to Enrich CRM Data from a CSV

If you have that enriched data in a CSV spreadsheet you can use Insycle's Magical Import to import, append, or compare CSV data to your CRM. However, Insycle does not provide data enrichment services.

Here are some data enrichment service providers:

In the Magical Import module, you can import fresh data into your database or compare your enrichment CSV to existing CRM records. Additionally, you can append enrichment data to existing data in fields that require it. You can also save your enrichment templates for future use, making all future data enrichment tasks easier and quicker.

Even without built-in data enrichment services, Insycle can be an invaluable tool for taking your enrichment data and updating your existing CRM records flexibly and powerfully.

Key Use Cases

Importing New Records or Updating and Appending Existing Records from a CSV

Your team is spending valuable time in Excel cleaning and standardizing your data before importing it to your CRM. Even with this effort, details are being missed, formatting is often inconsistent, and some duplicates are being created in your CRM. Though the CRM has a built-in import tool, the features are limited.

The Magical Import module allows you to import data flexibly and consistently. You can explore the data, map fields, deduplicate, cleanse, and standardize data before anything gets imported into your CRM.

To learn more see, How to Import New Records or Update and Append to Existing From CSV.

Comparing CSV Data to Existing Records in Your CRM

You have data in a CSV exported from another app, but you have no idea if the records in the CSV already exist in your CRM, and If they do what data they contain.

With the Magical Import module, you can compare data in a CSV to existing records in your CRM.

To learn more see, How to Compare CSV Data to Existing Records In Your CRM.

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