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With eight modules, each containing many templates for dozens of use cases, you may need help finding the right tool and template to use for a specific task.

Insycle's advanced search bar makes it incredibly easy to find templates, identify the right module, and complete tasks.

From Insycle's search on the dashboard, you can find templates and recipes directly by searching for your template name in the search bar. The search field also provides additional information about the module the template is for, and who created the template or recipe.

Using Insycle's Advanced Search Bar For Quick Navigation

Insycle's advanced search bar makes finding templates and recipes easy. 

When you log in to Insycle, the search bar appears on every screen, in the top middle of the screen.


You can search Insycle for relevant templates and recipes for your issues and use cases. This includes both default templates that are available in Insycle as well as custom templates that you create.


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