Insycle helps you manage your CRM data and automate critical parts of your data maintenance plan.

You may have a specific task in mind, such as deduplicating contacts or formatting names. Or maybe you generally know that you need to improve the quality of your data and are looking for guidance.

You're in the right place. Insycle is a complete customer data management platform that helps you to identify and fix dozens of common data issues in your CRM database. In this article, we'll cover the essentials of what Insycle is, how it works, and how to get the most out of it.

What Is Insycle?

Insycle is a complete customer data management platform. It connects directly to popular CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Intercom, Pipedrive, and others.

Once connected, Insycle enables operations teams to easily identify and fix CRM data issues with just a few clicks. Insycle analyzes customer data in CRMs for the most common data problems—poorly formatted records, duplicate data, low-quality data, and other issues.

Additionally, you can automate critical aspects of your CRM data maintenance processes, saving your teams time, and improving effectiveness across your organization through improved data quality.

Without Insycle, the cost of bad data is a prominent blind spot for marketing and sales leaders and a roadblock for execution by their teams, especially given the increasing trend toward digital go-to-market.

Modules and Apps

Insycle's modules and apps enable you to deduplicate, standardize, import, cleanse, reconcile, aggregate, and update data in advanced and painless ways.

Insycle's modules are data maintenance tools, while the apps automate critical business processes. A module may have a single primary task (Merge Duplicates) or dozens of potential use cases (Transform Data). Insycle offers ten different modules. The number of modules you can access depends on your Insycle plan.

Here is a brief outline of what each module does:

  • Merge Duplicates. Identify and merge duplicate data in flexible ways.
  • Transform Data. Extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations. This module is a Swiss army knife that performs the same functions as an ETL solution. Format, standardize, extract, map, copy, move, combine, and automate data operations. You can also learn more about this module in our blog post.
  • Magical Import. Import data flexibly and powerfully. Deduplicate, cleanse, update, and standardize your data before importing it into your database. Compare CSV to CRM data.
  • Bulk Operations. Declutter and purge low-quality data and update your data in bulk.
  • Cleanse Data. Drill down into specific fields to explore value variations and review them on a record-by-record level to better understand your data.
  • Group & Update. Explore field values and unearth important stats, segment data, drill down into individual records, generate reports, and bulk update selected segments.
  • Grid Edit. Filter and edit data flexibly and powerfully. Quickly make corrections to data with powerful filtering options.
  • Data Validation. Identify fields in your database that are missing critical data on a one-time basis or on a recurring set schedule for enrichment.
  • Assign. Customize assignment so items get in front of the relevant, available team member for a timely response.
  • Associate. Automatically detect relationships and link contacts, companies, deals, custom objects, and other object types in bulk.

Learn more about Insycle's Modules and Apps.


Templates are the backbone of Insycle. Templates are a collection of processes and settings inside of any of Insycle's modules or apps.

When you alter settings in any module, you can save them as a template. A template refers to all of the settings on a module screen.

Insycle offers pre-built templates for common data management tasks, while also allowing you to build and save custom templates to solve data issues that are unique to your organization.

For example, in the Merge Duplicates module, you might have templates for merging by matching first and last names and company names. Or for names and email domains. In the Transform Data module, you might have templates for standardizing states, formatting phone numbers, or fixing the capitalization of names.


Once you have saved a template, you can load it at any point in the future or schedule the template for automation in select modules.

Learn more about Templates.


Recipes allow you to organize multiple Insycle templates into a multi-step data maintenance process for automation, training, and organization.

recipes page

Recipes can include multiple templates from various modules.


Using Recipes, you can create a defined process for dealing with issues for specific record types and fields.

Recipes can also be automated to run automatically in succession.

You can schedule Recipe automation (for templates in modules that allow automation) directly on the Recipes page.

recipe automation

Additionally, HubSpot users can integrate Recipes directly into HubSpot Workflows, updating data after it is entered into the CRM and before customers receive a welcome email.

Learn more about Recipes.

Health Assessment

Insycle automatically identifies and tracks data issues in your CRM using the Health Assessment.

Every night, Insycle assesses the health of your database and identifies issues with duplicate data, formatting issues, low-quality data, and inconsistent data, among others.

Use the Health Assessment as a home base for auditing your data and tracking progress over time.


Learn more about the Health Assessment.


Insycle allows you to automate many data maintenance and management tasks, freeing up time for your teams and ensuring higher data quality. Automation is available for many Insycle modules.

For instance, you might schedule automation to deduplicate contacts, associate people to companies, format phone numbers, or standardize addresses. Then those tasks happen automatically, based on your rules, hands-free.

Insycle offers several types of automation:

Module-Level Automation

You can schedule templates at the module or app level to run automatically on a set schedule. Templates can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.


Recipe Automation

Recipes allow you to organize multiple Insycle templates into a multi-step data maintenance process for automation.

dedupe contacts recipe

HubSpot Workflow Automation

HubSpot users can integrate Recipes directly into Hubspot Workflows, cleansing data after it is entered into the CRM and before customers receive a welcome email.

hubspot workflow

Learn more about Automation & Manual Operations.

Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker is where you can track and review all changes made to your data through Insycle, both for live updates and preview runs.

Every operation that is run through Insycle is viewable here, along with a range of data points about each operation.

You can download a CSV report of every operation by clicking the Run ID.


Learn more about the Activity Tracker.

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