Ensure Insycle Account Continuity Using Integration User (Service Account)


How to Ensure Your Insycle Account Remains Active as Teams Change

Once you have Insycle set up and working smoothly with your CRM, you want to make sure the right users are set up to ensure account and process continuity.

Insycle customers at the Business or Enterprise level have the option to add an Integration User. This is a user account created in your CRM with the necessary permissions for the connection to Insycle but it is not tied to any individual. This ensures account continuity since even if people leave, the connection to the Insycle integration remains.

Permissions for Your Integration User (Service Account)

To have enough permissions for connecting with Insycle, your CRM user must be authorized to edit, read/view and delete records for all of your default object types.

Once created, reach out to Insycle support to have this integration user set as the Admin on the account via the chat, or send an email to support@insycle.com.

Salesforce User Permissions

The Insycle user needs read and write Salesforce access at all levels, including record types, objects, and profiles. Without this, Insycle is not able to run and update data.

Manage this via profiles in Salesforce from Settings > Apps > App Manager > and on the Insycle row, select Edit from the dropdown menu.

On the Insycle App details page, scroll down to the Assign to Profiles section and ensure the Visible box is checked for all of the appropriate profiles.


To learn more, see Salesforce's User Permissions and Access article.

Hubspot User Permissions

To review the user's permissions, in HubSpot navigate to Settings > Users & Teams. Select the user, then click Edit Permissions.

On the CRM tab, verify that at minimum, the following permissions are assigned to the user:

Object Access: View and Edit owned records.


Custom Objects: View and Edit owned records.


On the Marketing tab, verify that the following permissions are assigned to the user:

Lists: View and Edit


To learn more, see HubSpot's User Permissions article.

Other Ways of Managing Account Continuity

As long as there are people actively using Insycle, the account will stay active, and inviting and adding users to Insycle is simple and completely free. As your team changes over time you may need to assign a new owner, add admins to manage permissions, or remove inactive contributor details. Insycle makes it easy to manage users, and the support team is ready to help with role assignments and housekeeping when needed.

Inviting Other Team Members

Insycle makes it simple to invite team members to collaborate. All plans include unlimited users so you're welcome to invite everyone on your team to use Insycle. 

Each team member must first have an account in your CRM—they will use this to log in to Insycle. There is no Insycle-specific username and password.

To invite team members, navigate to Settings > Users in the left navigation.

Click the Invite Team button, and enter the user's email, then click Send.


The user will receive an invite email, and when they click the Join the Team button, they will be taken to the Insycle login page.


On the login page, users should click the button for the appropriate CRM and then enter their CRM credentials. 


Learn more about inviting your team to use Insycle.

Changing the Owner or Admins

If your Insycle account Owner or billing Admin will be leaving your company, whoever will be taking over their duties should be assigned the role. The new Owner or Admin should already have joined the team for your Insycle account and appear on the user list.

If your Insycle account & billing Owner will be leaving your company, the departing user or the user who will be taking over the Insycle management should reach out to Insycle support via chat, or send an email to support@insycle.com, and ask for their role to be changed. There can only be one Owner for your account at a time.

To add or remove an Admin role for a user, the account Owner should click the checkbox beside the Admin user's name, click the small arrow next to the user's current role, then select the new role. Select User to remove an Admin role. You can assign the Admin role to multiple users.


Removing a User

Since you use your CRM account to log into Insycle, once a user is removed from your CRM they will no longer be able to log in to Insycle. To have a user account and all the historical data attached to it completely removed from Insycle, reach out to Insycle support via chat or send an email to support@insycle.com.


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