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Insycle has a fully automated, adaptive, and tunable algorithm to manage API calls to ensure reliable and predictable operation and to avoid overuse or potential impact to other apps.

In the same way that Insycle provides a unified interface to manage data across connected apps, it implements unified controls to manage API use.

API Controls

Throughout its operations, Insycle monitors API usage in real-time and offers the following controls:

  • Watermark – A safety net to avoid running out of APIs. When remaining API calls reach this threshold, Insycle stops making API calls. The watermark can be specified using a percentage of available APIs, a fixed number, or both.
  • Quota – The pre-set number of API calls that Insycle can make in a day. Once the quota is exhausted Insycle stops making API calls. The quota can be specified using a percentage of available APIs, a fixed number, or both.

Audit Trail

Insycle automatically meters and logs all API calls and has an alert system in place. At any point, our team will be able to provide a detailed breakdown and analysis of the API calls made by Insycle.  

API Usage Page

To review API usage and settings in real-time go to Settings > API Usage.

API usage

For each CRM account and database, you can review details about your API usage:

  1. Used – Number of API calls consumed by Insycle today.
  2. Quota – Number of API calls allocated to Insycle.
  3. Watermark – Minimum number of APIs that need to be available. If the remaining APIs are below that value, Insycle will pause and not consume APIs.
  4. Overall Used – Number of APIs consumed by all apps in your CRM database (including Insycle).
  5. Overall Quota – Number of API calls available to all apps.

Analyzing Salesforce API Usage

Salesforce has limits on API usage, so you may want to understand in detail how various apps use the Salesforce API. With a top-down view of your Salesforce API usage, you can save yourself from API-related shutdowns.

In addition to Insycle's API Usage page, there are a couple of ways to review API usage from within Salesforce. See the Analyze API Usage in Salesforce article for detail.

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