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Insycle lets you organize, cleanse, and update data on multiple platforms – all in one place. 

When you signed up for your Insycle account, you connected a CRM. Once you're logged in, you can add additional accounts for multiple platforms so you can manage all your data in one place.

Add a CRM Account to Insycle

You can connect multiple accounts of varying types (for example, two HubSpot accounts, one Salesforce, and one Intercom).

At the top of any Insycle page, click the account menu and select Add account.


On the Settings page, under Add Accounts, click the logo for the account type you want to add. 


Then, sign in and grant Insycle permission to access your CRM account and data.


Check the status of a newly added account in Settings > Sync Stats.

Remove an Account

On the Settings > Accounts page, select the account and click the trash bin icon. You'll be prompted to confirm account removal, and when you confirm, the account and all its data will be removed from Insycle infrastructure immediately.


Account removal details:

  • Removing an account from Insycle does not impact the data in your CRM in any way. 
  • Once you confirm, all the account data stored in Insycle will be deleted immediately. This cannot be undone, but you can reconnect the account later if needed.
  • Removing an account also deletes the templates, reports, automation schedules, and data relevant to the account. This can not be restored.
  • If you have removed your only account (you only connected one CRM), don't try logging in again to confirm the deletion. This will reconnect the account. 


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