Deduplicate HubSpot Companies and Salesforce Accounts


Fixing duplicate HubSpot companies and Salesforce accounts while syncing has several nuanced issues. HubSpot doesn't let you merge companies when the sync is active. Deduplication processes can break the sync and require that you merge records manually, which is time-consuming. You also need to determine the appropriate “master record” to use across both HubSpot and Salesforce.

Then you have to consider the merging process. If two records are merged on Salesforce, are they merged on HubSpot as well? What are the mechanics behind how that works? Often, your company's settings in each platform impact how the merge takes place, which can be confusing.

Insycle allows you to merge duplicate Hubspot companies and Salesforce accounts while keeping your sync intact and simple, and avoiding the confusing nuances of cross-platform settings.

How It Works

When you deduplicate accounts in Salesforce, the master is kept in sync with HubSpot, but the duplicate companies remain in HubSpot. Then, those remaining duplicates do not have Salesforce Account ID anymore because the duplicates in Salesforce were merged, breaking the sync. HubSpot also does not allow you to deduplicate companies with the sync active.

This means that you may be able to solve a duplicate accounts problem in Salesforce, but the duplicate companies remain in HubSpot, with no easy way to deduplicate them.

With Insycle, you can use advanced master selection rules to ensure that you merge your HubSpot company duplicates into a master record that is still synced with Salesforce, ensuring that the sync is intact.


To deduplicate HubSpot Companies and Salesforce Accounts, you follow the standard deduplication procedure in the Merge Duplicates module for Salesforce accounts.

Then, in HubSpot, we will deduplicate down to the right records to match the master record in Salesforce and keep the sync in place. Follow the standard deduplication procedure, however, in Step 4, we are going to instruct Insycle to select the master record using the Salesforce Account ID.

To learn more, see this Bulk Merge Duplicate People, Companies article.

Step 4: Master Selection

When duplicate companies are created in HubSpot, those that are not synced with Salesforce will not have a Salesforce Account ID listed.

To identify the correct company record to choose as the master, we will look for records that do have data in the "Salesforce Account ID" field.

In Step 4, you can use the rule "Salesforce Account ID" to pick the HubSpot company as the master in the Record tab.

Salesforce account ID

These master selection rules execute in order. So if the Salesforce Account ID is found, Insycle will never even look for the highest associated deal.

This makes it simple to deduplicate records across HubSpot and Salesforce, merge them into the correct master record, and keep your sync intact.

You can also set rules for field-by-field master selection. For example, you could choose to keep your "First Name" and "Last Name" fields from the earliest created record in the duplicate group, while keeping the "Owner" from the most recently updated record.

By-field duplicate feature

In the event that you do not set field-by-field merge logic for a specific field—when a field value is empty in the master record, Insycle picks a non-empty value from the most recently updated duplicate automatically. When in doubt about conflicting field values, including those fields in the CSV report by adding them to the Master Selection section and their values would show on the audit trail.

To learn more about the entire deduplication process in Insycle, review Bulk Merge Duplicate People, Companies.


For situations where you need more granular customization for picking duplicate records to include - or exclude - from the deduplication process, or for picking the master record, and there are no common rules you can apply for all or some of the records, you can customize bulk deduplication using exclusions and pre-defined masters.

Separately, it is also possible to customize the merge logic behavior. For example, to instruct Insycle to copy values from field A to field B as part of the merge, or combine multiple fields into one. Customized merge logic requires an Enterprise plan. Please reach out via chat to discuss your specific requirements.

Preview Changes Before They Go Live

With Insycle's Merge Duplicates module, you can preview the changes that you are making to your data before those changes are pushed to your live database. That way, you can check to ensure your deduplication template is working as expected.


You can set up ongoing deduplication for HubSpot companies and Salesforce accounts automation with Insycle on the module level, using Recipes, or integrating with Workflows on the HubSpot side. You can view all scheduled automations on the “Automations” page on your dashboard.

You can schedule your Merge Duplicates templates to run on an automated, set schedule.

You can schedule your template directly in the Merge Duplicates module. You do this by clicking the Review button at the bottom of the module page.

Then, you go through a three-step process to run the operation. In the third step, you can choose the "Automate" tab, and schedule your template to run on a set schedule.

merge duplicates salesforce automation

By doing this, you can consistently ensure that HubSpot companies are merged while aligning with Salesforce accounts, and keeping the sync active.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I merge HubSpot and Salesforce companies and accounts without breaking the sync?

Yes. HubSpot doesn't let you merge companies when the sync is active.

With Insycle, you can first deduplicate in Salesforce, then deduplicate in HubSpot using the Salesforce Account ID field to match the master record, all while the sync is active.

Does it matter which platform I run the original deduplication process in?

Yes, because HubSpot doesn't let you merge companies when the sync is active, it is best to deduplicate in Salesforce first, and then follow the steps laid out in this article to ensure that the duplicate companies are also removed in HubSpot.

Does HubSpot allow you to merge companies while the sync is active?

HubSpot doesn't let you merge companies when the sync is active, but Insycle does.

How does Insycle pair the master record between HubSpot and Salesforce?

Because we deduplicate Salesforce accounts first, when we deduplicate companies in HubSpot, we look for records that have a Salesforce Account ID. If they have this, it means that that record is the master record in Salesforce (because the other records in the duplicate group have been merged, and therefore now have no Salesforce Account ID). Then, we merge HubSpot companies down into those that have the Salesforce Account ID.

Audit Trail and History

The Activity Tracker lets you review all changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report of the operation and records affected.

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