Date Formats in CSV Imports


Dates are a critical component of your CRM data. They help CRM systems create timelines and appropriately organize data. However, when importing date values into a CRM, issues may arise with inconsistent date formats across data sources, time zone discrepancies, incompatible date values, and challenges in handling combined date and time data.

Insycle's Magical Import module matches and identifies data fields using a variety of formats and allows you to reformat dates before the data is imported into your CRM. By ensuring that date information is accurate and consistent during the import process, you can maintain data integrity, enable reliable reporting and analytics, and ensure that your CRM system functions as intended.

Date Format Matching

In the Magical Import module, when date values are detected in a CSV, Insycle will decide which format is being used and make the values consistent when importing.

Insycle will recognize the following date formats, all of which will work with or without the - or / symbols:

  1. Date time with timezone: 2018-07-19T23:25:45.671-0400
  2. Date time in UTC timezone: 2018-07-19T10:15:30Z 
  4. Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2018-07-19 or 2018/07/09
  5. Date (M-D-YYYY): 07-19-2018 or 7/19/2018

Select Date Format on Import

You can override this automatic standardizing using the Date Format tab under Step 4, which allows you to reformat dates before the data is imported into your CRM.


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