Module Overview: Grid Edit


Being able to quickly edit and correct data is critical to keeping your CRM data healthy. However, updating data inside your CRM can be time-consuming and inefficient. The filters can be limited, making it difficult to filter and work with specific segments. Sometimes, you're stuck opening individual records and searching for fields.

Making corrections and updates in Excel isn't a walk in the park, either. It can take a lot of time to export the right slice of data, identify issues, and manually correct them. Then you re-import and hope there are no problems.

With Insycle's Grid Edit module, filtering records and editing values in-line is quick and painless.

Key Use Cases

How It Works

Use the Grid Edit module to filter data, and then manually update values by hand using simple in-line editing.

Powerful filtering options let you segment records to view and clean up problem areas. Records that meet these criteria load in a convenient table-style editor, where you can quickly edit individual fields. As soon as you click Save, the field update is pushed to your live database.

Filtered data can be exported once or on a continuous set schedule, delivered directly to your or a teammate's inbox. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Use the Filter to Find Relevant Records

Navigate to Data Management > Grid Edit, and select the object type in the top menu. Then explore the templates for an existing solution that may be close to what you need.

On the Filter tab, select the Field to work with. Use the Condition to set the rule that the data in the selected field must meet. With this filter, you're telling Insycle what records you would like to update.

In the example below, we are looking for Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo email addresses with typos.


Click the Search button, and a preview of the records that match this filter will load in the Record Viewer at the bottom of the page. Look through the results to see if there's anything else you want to filter out. If you make changes to the filter, click the Search button again to reload the Viewer.


Edit the Field Values One-by-One

Review the results in the Record Viewer, hover over a value you want to update, and click the pencil icon.


In the Edit popup, update the value and click Save. As soon as you save, the field update is pushed to your live database.


Save Template

You can save your settings as a template to reuse this setup for future editing tasks.

Return to the Template menu at the top of the page and click Copy to save your configurations as a new version of the template you started with. Then click the pencil to edit your new template name.


Audit Trail and History

With the Activity Tracker, you have a complete audit trail and history of changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report that lets you see all of the changes that were made in a given run of the operation.

Navigate to Operations > Activity Tracker, search by module or template name, then click the Run ID for the operation.


Advanced How-Tos

Exporting Filtered Data, One-Time or Recurring

With your filter and layout set, Insycle can export your segment of data. The Grid Edit module lets you export your data one time, immediately, or set up automated exports.

Click the Export button below the filter.


In the Export popup, select New File and click Next.


On the Email tab, enter additional email addresses (hit Enter after each), a Subject, and Description. The CSV export will be attached to this email whenever it is generated.


To export the data once:

On the When tab, click Run Now and select which records to apply the change to, then click the Run Now button.


To set up automation for recurring exports:

On the When tab under Automate, set up the frequency your CSV should automatically be exported--hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.


Data that matches your set filter will be automatically exported and emailed to you or your team on a set schedule, improving data collaboration and helping you keep an eye on the most important customer data.

To revisit your scheduled automation, navigate to Operations > Automations and search by the template name.

Adding Extra Fields to the Layout

To change the fields that appear in the Record Viewer and CSV export, click the Layout tab.

In the right column, you can search for fields to add to the layout and drag them into the left Visible Fields column. Remove fields by dragging from the Visible Fields column into the right column.



Not Seeing Expected Data in Record Viewer

If you are sure a value exists in your CRM but you aren't seeing it in the Record Viewer at the bottom of the page, it is often due to the Filter settings.

Here are a few things to look into:

  1. Make sure there isn't anything in the filter that you didn't intend to be. This often happens if you started with an existing template.
  2. Ensure that your filter is accurate, and not too specific. For instance, if you are using the "is" operator in your filter, you might broaden the condition using "contains" or "starts with" to identify other records with slight differences.
  3. Make sure that you have clicked the Search button.


If you still don't see the expected data, it is likely a field syncing issue.

To refresh the data in Insycle, navigate to Settings > Sync Status, select the account, and click the Refresh Accounts List button. Alternatively, you could log out of Insycle and then log back in.
For help re-syncing a specific field, contact Insycle support.

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