Business Intelligence Data Preparation


You can use Insycle to fix a range of data-related issues that plague business intelligence (BI) reporting.

However, Insycle is not a tool designed for generating business intelligence reports. With Insycle you can manage your data in flexible and powerful ways, helping you to improve reporting and data accuracy for BI.

With Insycle you can:

  • Merge duplicate contacts, companies, and deals.
  • Standardize job titles, industries, locations, and any free text field
  • Format names, phones, and addresses
  • Properly associate contacts, companies, and deals
  • Import new records or Update from CSV
  • Bulk update values in any field
  • Automate your data maintenance to run on a set schedule

Key Use Cases


While Insycle is not a business intelligence solution, it can be an invaluable tool for identifying and fixing a range of data issues that impede your ability to accurately pull business intelligence from your data.

You can use a variety of Insycle modules to gain an understanding of the data issues in your CRM, fix common issues, track improvement over time, and collaborate more effectively.

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