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How to Analyze Your CRM for Blank Values

Raising the bar for data quality in your CRM starts with knowing what you do or don't have in your database. For instance, identifying records that are missing key fields is a critical step in the data enrichment process.

Insycle's Data Validation module makes it easy to identify fields in your database that are missing critical data on a one-time basis or on a recurring set schedule so you can always ensure that you are enriching the most important records in your database.

Process Summary

  1. Look for records that are missing one or multiple fields.
  2. Analyze and edit the records in Insycle or a CSV export.
  3. Save a template and schedule automated exports.


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Select Fields to Analyze for Missing Data

In the Data Validation module, select the database and record type from the top menu. Then explore the templates for an existing solution that may be close to what you need.

On the Incomplete tab, select the field(s) to check for missing values. 

If you select multiple fields, Insycle will look for records that are missing values in either field. So in the example below, records could be missing just the First Name, just the Last Name, or both.


Click Analyze to see the records with missing values at the bottom of the page in the Record Viewer


Add Columns to the Record Viewer

If you'd like to see more information for each of the resulting records, you can alter the fields in the Record Viewer and the data export by using the Layout tab. Find the desired field in the right column, and drag it left to the Visible Fields column. Drag and drop fields in the Visible Fields column to reorder them.


Set Up a Filter to View Only Relevant Records

When you're looking to analyze specific values, use the filter to work only with an appropriate subset of your data. You can filter your data using any field in your database.

Under the Filter tab, select the Field to work with. Use the Condition to set the rule that the data in the selected field must meet in order to be included in the Record Viewer results.

2. Enter Missing Values One by One or in Bulk via CSV

You can update records directly in the Record Viewer to add missing values one at a time. Hover over a blank field and click the pencil icon.


In the Edit popup, enter the value and click Save. As soon as you save, the field update is pushed to your live database and the record will disappear from the list.


Alternatively, you can export all the results as a CSV, making it easy to analyze the missing data and potentially enter all the missing values and reimport the file from the Magical Import module.

To export the data, click the Export button below the field selector.


In the Export popup, select New File and click Next.


On the Email tab, enter additional email addresses (hit Enter after each), a Subject, and a Description.

On the When tab, click Run Now and select which records to apply the change to (in most cases this will be All), then click the Run Now button.


Open the CSV file from your email in a spreadsheet application and update the missing field data. Then update your existing records from the CSV using the Magical Import module.

3. Schedule Automated Exports

Return to the Template menu at the top of the page and click the + to give the new template an informative name and then click the Save button.


To set up automated exports, click the Export button. 

On the Email tab, add recipients who should receive the CSV each time the template runs. 

Then, on the When tab under Automate, set up the frequency your CSV should automatically be exported--hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.


Once scheduled, data that matches your filter will be exported and emailed to you or your team automatically, improving data collaboration and giving you the opportunity to keep an eye on the most important customer data.

You can view all scheduled automations on the Automations page on your dashboard.

Advanced How-Tos

Using the Export Email as an Automated Alert

You can use automated templates as an alert system for details you want to track. You may want to know when a new record has been added without critical information.

For example, you have saved a template so when the First Name or Last Name is blank and set it to export automatically on a regular basis. When it runs, Insycle will send you an email.

You could tailor the alert message to get your attention on the Email tab of the Export popup, entering a subject line like “[ALERT] New Contact Needs Name.” Add recipients who should follow up, and add additional instructions or context to the message. The CSV export will be attached to the email whenever it is generated and delivered to the emails you provided.


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