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How to Fix Data Issues When Migrating between CRMs

You can use Insycle to fix a range of data-related issues that you deal with while migrating from one CRM to another and after the migration is complete. You can analyze your data, compare records between platforms, deduplicate records, and improve the overall data quality.

Though Insycle is not a tool for migrating data between CRMs, it can help you to manage and prepare the data that you migrate, improving the data quality and fixing data issues that impede a smooth process.

Using Insycle you can manage your contacts, companies, deals, and other record types. However, Insycle doesn't manage activities such as notes, emails, engagements, or events. (Except when it's part of a merge or other action.)

Key Use Cases


The Health Assessment dashboard surfaces data quality issues that negatively impact your marketing, sales, and support efforts, and guides you through the process of fixing them.

The CRM Data Grader (for HubSpot Only) analyzes your HubSpot CRM for the most common data issues and automatically generates a detailed report with metrics about poorly formatted, duplicate, invalid, low-quality, and incomplete data.


Merging Duplicates

Insycle's Merge Duplicates module can identify duplicate records and merge them flexibly, in bulk, using advanced rules and master record selection logic.

When your migration process creates records that represent the same underlying entities in your CRM, Insycle makes it easy to bulk merge duplicate records.

If you have duplicate records in your CRM but you need a controlled, careful process to merge them, you can analyze the records to determine which have the relevant data, and merge them manually, one at a time.



The Magical Import module allows you to import data flexibly and consistently.

If you have a CSV and need to import new records to your CRM or update and append data to existing values, you can clean and standardize the data before importing it to your CRM

You can also compare data in a CSV against existing records in your CRM before importing to check for duplicates or differences. 


Formatting and Standardizing

Insycle includes powerful features that help you format fields in bulk to maintain consistent data.


Advanced How-Tos

Getting Sign-Off on Changes before Updating the CRM

If you need your colleagues to review changes, especially for large bulk updates, you can export the data or run the module in Preview Mode and then distribute the CSV that Insycle generates. 

The CSV will include a preview of the changes but does not update your live data. Your team can look at what changes will be made and help spot any issues before applying the change to on your entire database.


Learn more about sharing CSV reports in the Collaborate on Data with Your Team article.

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