How to Identify Irregular Email Addresses or Phone Numbers 

You can use Insycle to find malformed or suspicious email addresses based on the text and letters used, however, Insycle does not provide email validation services.

Here are some email validation service providers:

You can use Insycle to identify common problems and clearly errant values in your CRM data such as incomplete, incorrect, or junk email addresses and phone numbers, based on other values you already have.

Key Use Cases

Identifying Free Email Accounts with Typos in the Addresses

With Insycle, you can easily identify contacts that use free email providers and have typos in the email addresses. If not fixed, these emails would bounce and harm your email sender reputation.

Navigate to Data Management > Transform Data module, then select the database, and record type from the top menu. Explore the templates for an existing solution that may be close to what you need.

In Step 1 under the Filter tab, choose fields and criteria the field values must meet. With this filter, you're telling Insycle what records you would like to update.

In the example below, the filter will look for Email Domain values similar to "||" (the "|" means or), but the values are not exact matches for those terms.


This allows you to catch typos in email addresses such as,,, etc.

Click Search.

In the Record Viewer at the bottom of the page, you'll see a list of records that meet the filter criteria.


Next, under Step 2 use the Suffix: Replace function to locate the errant terms and replace them with the specified New Text.


Under Step 3, click the Review button, then select Preview in the popup.


On the Notify tab, add any additional recipients who should receive the CSV (and make sure to hit Enter after each address). 

On the When tab, click Run Now and select which records to apply the change to (in most cases this will be All), then click the Run Now button.


Open the CSV file from your email and review the (Before) and (After) values for each field. If the results don't look the way you expected, go back to your filters and functions and try making some adjustments then preview again.

When everything in your CSV preview looks correct, return to Insycle and move forward with applying the changes to the live CRM data.

Under Step 3, click the Review button again, and this time select Update

On the When tab, you should use Run Now the first time you apply these changes to the CRM.


After you've seen the results in the CRM and are satisfied with how the operation runs, you can save all of the configurations as a template. This will save you time and provide consistent results in the future.

Then you can set up automation so this clean-up operation runs on a set schedule.

Identifying Invalid Phone Numbers

Find Records with Low-Quality Phone Numbers

To identify invalid phone numbers, navigate to Data Management > Bulk Operations, then select the database and record type from the top menu. Explore the templates for an existing solution that may be close to what you need.

Insycle offers numerous pre-built templates that can help you to surface records with phone number issues, including:

  • Invalid phone number, less than 8 digits and more than 15
  • Invalid phone number, repeating digits 5+ times
  • Phone number with letters (not extensions)
  • Phone number with more than 10 digits

Once you've selected a template that meets your needs, click the Search button.


The Record Viewer at the bottom of the page will show the records that meet the filter criteria.

Record Viewer with bad phone numbers

Export Records to Share and Review

Now that you've found records with problematic phone numbers, you can create a CSV report by clicking the Export button.

export button

In the popup on the Output tab, select New file, then click Next.

On the Email tab, add any additional recipients who should receive the CSV (and make sure to hit Enter after each address). You can also provide additional context in the message subject or body. 

On the When tab, choose whether to run the export one time immediately (Run Now) or on a regular, set schedule (Automate).


With Automate, you can schedule automated CSV exports that will be sent to the email addresses you provided. This allows you to keep an eye out for records in your CRM that contain low-quality values so that you can identify issues and fix them.

You may decide records that don't have valid phone numbers are of no use to you, and prefer to delete them outright. Learn how to declutter and purge low-quality data.

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