Deduplicate in Intercom Inbox with the Insycle App


Deduplication is critical in Intercom for ensuring that support reps do not step on each other's toes and that customers have a great experience.

But rather than loading Insycle, sometimes you want the ability to quickly check for duplicates while engaging in conversations to ensure that you have the proper context.

Using Insycle's Inbox app, you can check for duplicates directly in Intercom's Inbox.

How It Works

The Insycle Inbox app can be installed directly on Intercom. Once installed, a widget appears in your Intercom inbox to quickly check for duplicates in an open conversation. A button will appear on the right menu of support conversations.

You simply open the conversation, find the "Insycle Data Management" widget on the right-hand side of the screen, and click the "Check Duplicates" button. 

Insycle will then automatically check for duplicates, comparing the contact in your currently opened conversation against other contacts in your database.

You'll be notified directly above the button whether or not Insycle found any duplicates. Additionally, you can click through to be directed to the appropriate template in the Merge Duplicates module to identify and merge duplicate Intercom contacts.

Installing the App

Click here to search the Intercom app store for Insycle.

Once there, you will see the Insycle app on the listing page.


Navigate to the app listing page, then click the "Sign In to Install" button on the right hand side of the app listing page.

sign in to install insycle

Follow the steps in Intercom, and you will add the Insycle inbox app to Intercom.

Using the App, Checking for Duplicates in the Intercom Inbox

The Insycle deduplication inbox app is simple to use. With a conversation with a user open, look to the right side of your screen. There, you will see the Insycle widget, with the "Check for duplicates" button.

check for duplicates

Click the button. Insycle will scan your database to see if it can find a matching duplicate record. The result will be displayed directly in the widget. If duplicates are found, you can open Insycle to deduplicate them.

duplicate check

To learn more, see Bulk Merge Duplicate People, Companies.


For situations where you need more granular customization for picking duplicate records to include - or exclude - from the deduplication process, or for picking the master record, and there are no common rules you can apply for all or some of the records, you customize bulk deduplication using exclusions and pre-defined masters via a CSV file.

Preview Changes Before They Go Live

You can preview the changes that you are making to your data before those changes are pushed to your live database. When you run select modules in Insycle, you have the option of choosing between Preview Mode and Update Mode once you click the button.


You can schedule your Merge Duplicates templates to run on an automated, set schedule.

You can schedule your template directly in the Merge Duplicates module. You do this by clicking the Review button at the bottom of the module page.

Then, you go through a three-step process to run the operation. In the third step, you can choose the "Automate" tab, and schedule your template to run on a set schedule.


You can also schedule deduplication automation using Recipes, which are a collection of templates run together. You can view all scheduled automations on the “Automations” page on your dashboard.

Audit Trail and History

The Activity Tracker lets you review all changes made through Insycle. At any time you can download a CSV report of the operation and records affected.

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