Install and Log In to Insycle for HubSpot

To log into Insycle and connect your HubSpot CRM data, all you need is an active HubSpot account. Insycle uses Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate users, which provides an easy and secure login experience. There is no Insycle-specific username and password.

How to Install and Log In to Insycle for HubSpot

On the Login page, click the Login with HubSpot button.

Insycle Login page buttons

On the HubSpot connect page, select the relevant HubSpot account, then click the Choose Account button.

Select HubSpot account

You'll be redirected automatically to the Insycle app.

Login Note

If you're not already logged in to HubSpot, after choosing an account you'll be redirected to HubSpot rather than back to Insycle. In that case, return to the Insycle Login page, click the Login with HubSpot button, and choose the account once again. The page will then redirect to the Insycle app.

The first time you log into Insycle using your HubSpot account, you'll be asked to give Insycle permission to access your CRM data, tickets, and login details. Click the Connect app button to grant access and begin syncing your HubSpot data to Insycle.

Authorize Insycle installation

Troubleshooting Permission Errors

If a HubSpot account doesn't have the permissions needed to connect to Insycle, the following error may appear:


To review the user's permissions, in HubSpot navigate to Settings > Users & Teams.

Select the user and verify that at minimum, the following permissions are assigned to the user:

  • CRM Access: View and Edit owned records
  • Marketing Lists: View and Edit

HubSpot CRM Access with Minimum Permissions

CRM Access with Minimum Permission

HubSpot CRM Access with Full Permissions

CRM Access with full permission

HubSpot Marketing Lists Permissions

Marketing lists permissions

If you're still running into permissions issues, please reach out to us via the support chat.

If you're getting a different error during login, check out this help article: Troubleshoot Login Problems.

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