Troubleshoot Insycle Email Delivery Issues


This article provides some troubleshooting steps that you can take to resolve issues with receiving Insycle's email reports and CSV messages.

Emails can be sent from automations, one-time operations, or exports. Your email address will automatically be entered when using the built-in Insycle templates, starting from a blank template, or setting up an export.

Verify Addresses Are Entered Correctly

Ensure your email address is correctly entered. Check this on the Notify tab of the Review steps, or the Email tab of the Export steps.

After entering each address, make sure to hit Enter. Each address should then appear in a grey bubble.

The address should look like this:


Not this:


If you started with a template created by a colleague, verify that the email is being sent to your address rather than whoever set it up. 

Check Your Inbox

If your email address is correct but you still don't see the Insycle messages in your inbox, check your spam or other folders in your email account.

You can also do a global search in your inbox using the text "Run ID" to find all of the emails:


Or enter a Run ID number for a specific operation:


You can look up a Run ID in Insycle's Activity Tracker. Navigate to Operations > Activity Tracker, search by module, app, or template name, then copy the Run ID for the operation.


Narrow Down the Problem

You can do a simple test to see if the delivery problem is with the email account.

In the Review step for a module or app, select Preview mode.

In addition to your work email, add a personal email address on the Notify tab, then on the When tab, Run Now.


If you successfully receive the email message in your personal account but still not your work account, then you know there is something going on with your work account. 


Download a CSV Directly from Insycle

If you want to download the CSV report of an operation that was run in Update mode, you can always access this through the Activity Tracker. This tool permanently stores a variety of data points and makes Update operation data available for download. Click the Run ID to download the report.


Segment Preview Operations to Reduce Report Size

If you're running your Preview operations on your entire database, this may yield large CSV files that can be blocked by some company email servers. To minimize the chance of this, filter your data down to a smaller segment while you iterate to get your setup right instead of running things on all records and sending yourself a large file each time. This will result in smaller attachments that are more likely to go through.

For example, let's say that you're using Merge Duplicates to find duplicate companies; you can add a filter in Step 1 for companies that start with specific letters. In this case "a" or "b." The bar "|" character (above your keyboard's Enter key) can be used to separate multiple values, and acts as "OR."


After you're satisfied with how the operation runs in the Preview, you can run it on all your records in Update mode. You may want to do an initial smaller batch to review the results in your CRM.

Contact Support

If none of the above steps solve your problem, reach out to Insycle support via the live chat button at the bottom of every page.


The support team can check if you have unsubscribed from Insycle emails and resubscribe you.

If needed, they can further investigate the status of the email delivery and send details you can use to follow up with your IT department.

Occasionally, a recipient's email server may be blocking Insycle's messages, so you may need to ask your IT department to add Insycle's dedicated IP address149.72.177.29, and domaininsycle.comto the server's allowlist/whitelist.

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