Problem: Contacts Incorrectly Have Primary Association With Company

Your sales and marketing teams rely on properly associated data for context in communications and sales conversations. When contacts are incorrectly associated with companies, account-based strategies are impossible to execute.


Use a two-step process in Insycle to first remove the "Primary" association label from the associated company using Bulk Operations, and then in the second step, remove the now unlabeled association completely using your report CSV and the Magical Import module.

  1. Filter records down to those you would like to update.
  2. Set matching rules for identifying Primary associations.
  3. Remove Primary associations in HubSpot.
  4. Remove extra columns from your report CSV
  5. Open Magical Import, and upload new CSV
  6. Map CSV fields to HubSpot fields and set your Identity Field
  7. Set settings and remove unlabeled associations

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Filter to Select Records to Remove Associations For

Navigate to the Bulk Operations module. From the top of the screen, choose Contacts.

First, you will filter our database down to those records we want to update. If you wanted to remove all primary associations in HubSpot, you would filter for all records with a Primary Associated Company ID.


Alternatively, you can filter your records further to target specific segments. For example, you could target contacts within a specific company using the Company Name field. 


The filter we set here dictates which records will have their associations removed. 

Click Search. A preview of these records will be available at the bottom of the screen in the Record Viewer.


Step 2: Set Settings to Remove Primary Associations

In Step 2, we will set our associations settings for removing Primary associations in bulk. Select the Associate tab. Then select the Remove action, and the "Contact to Company (Primary)" association.

Use the Primary Associated Company ID (on Contacts) and Record ID (on Companies) to make the match. 


Step 3: Preview and Remove Primary Associations

Click the Review button.

Here, you can select Preview Mode or Update Mode. Preview Mode will generate a CSV showing you what changes will be made when you run this operation. Update Mode will push the updates to your live database. 


Once you select your mode, you will be redirected to a screen where you can alter your notification emails and share them with colleagues.

Then we decide how we would like to run the operation in the next step. Select the Run Now tab, and then the "All" selection bubble. This will run this operation for all records selected by your filter in Step 1. Then you can click the Run Now button. 


Step 4: Take Your Report CSV, Remove All But Contact and Company ID Columns

The "Primary" association tag is considered a label by HubSpot. We have just removed this label from these associations. So while the "Primary" tag has been removed, the contacts are still associated with the company as an unlabeled association. 

To ensure we target the same records, we will use our report from the previous operation. After the operation runs, you can click on the Run ID to download your CSV report. 


Open the report. Remove all columns except the Contact ID column and the Company ID column. Both columns may be named "ID." For organizational purposes rename them to Contact ID and Company ID. 


With extra columns removed, you'll be left with a CSV that looks like this:


Save your CSV as a new CSV file. 

Step 5: Upload CSV, Map CSV ID Field to HubSpot ID Field

Now, we must remove the unlabeled associations. Navigate to the Magical Import module. 

Upload the new CSV file that you just created. 

Then, map the Contact ID field to the Record ID HubSpot field. The Company ID Field can remain unmapped.


In Step 2 in Magical Import, select the Record ID field as the Identity Field. 



Step 6: Set Rules to Remove Unlabeled Associations

In Step 4 of the Magical Import module (Step 4 within Insycle, but Step 6 of this two-part process), we set up rules for removing unlabled associations from the record IDs listed in the CSV.


Here you remove unlabeled associations for all contacts with Company IDs listed in the CSV.

Step 7: Preview and Remove Primary Associations

Click the "Import X Contacts" button.

Your operation will run and your unlabeled associations will be removed. On the Import Result screen, click the Run ID to download your report. You can also navigate to the Activity Tracker to download reports later.

Your CSV will show you the associated Record ID before and after the operation.



Multiple Sources Matched Error

If you receive a "Multiple Sources Matched" error, this indicates Insycle found multiple records that meet the criteria. Try changing the direction of the association to resolve the error. Alternatively, this error could happen because you are using a field that is not a uniquely identifying field (so Insycle will detect multiple records that match the criteria), or you have duplicate records that need to be merged before the association can take place. 

No Obvious Matching Fields Between the Two Record Types

Bulk associations and removals require that you have a field that you can use to match the two records.

When removing Primary associations from contacts to companies, you usually want to use two fields:

  • Primary Associated Company 
  • Company ID (Record ID)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Insycle associate activities with a company or other record?

No, Insycle does not currently allow you to access, update, or associate activities. When you merge companies, it would re-associate activities from the duplicate company to the master company, and re-assign contacts and deals to the master, see below and attached help article.

What fields does Insycle use to remove associations?

Insycle allows you to use any field in your database to match associated records for removal. Commonly used fields for linking include contact and company IDs, company names, company domains, company domains, and company URLs.

What does the 'Multiple Source Matches' error mean?

It means that when Insycle goes to make or remove an association, it is finding multiple records that meet your criteria. Often, this is either because you are using a field that is not a uniquely identifying field (so Insycle will detect multiple records that match the criteria), or you have duplicate records that need to be merged before the association can take place. 

Can I remove associations from companies to contacts instead of contacts to companies?

Yes, with Insycle you can associate in any direction, and it will work. Please make sure you have the correct starting record type selected at the top of your module screen.

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