Supporting Our Customers and Community During COVID-19

These times are unprecedented. Every business is operating with uncertainty about the future. As business owners, employees, and people — we all have a lot going on and a lot to worry about.

We’d like to help.

In response to the current situation and the hardships that our customers and community are facing, we're announcing a number of changes to our plans and policies to help you weather the storm. Learn more.

New Free Plan

For databases with up to 5,000 records, which previously fell under a paid plan, we offer a free plan.

Increased Limits

For any database size, use Insycle to update, cleanse, or deduplicate for free. Our trial allowed up to 100 records, and we're increasing that to 500 records.

New Flexible Plans

We're now offering flexible plans to support your growth at the right pace for your company. New plans are based on the exact number of records instead of fixed pricing buckets.

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