Top 3 Things To Do With Insycle


Insycle helps you manage your CRM data and automate critical parts of your data maintenance process. In this article, we'll cover some simple tasks that will help you get started using Insycle and familiarize yourself with how things work.

1. Merge Duplicate Data In Bulk

Module: Merge Duplicates
Template: Deduplicate By Same Name, Same Domain (ignore extension) - B2B

Duplicate data poses serious problems for companies of any size. Duplicate records inhibit your marketing team from effectively segmenting and personalizing your communications. Sales teams step on each other's toes and lack important context in conversations. Support teams miss critical information. Analysis and reporting are inaccurate.

Insycle helps you merge those duplicate contacts, companies, and deals—flexibly and powerfully.

For a quick start, go to the Merge Duplicates module and select "1. Deduplicate By Same Name, Same Domain."

Deduplication Templates

This will load one of Insycle's pre-built deduplication templates. This particular template uses exact matching for the First Name, Last Name, and Email Domain fields to find duplicates.

Then, you can merge those records. Insycle gives you complete control over how records are merged, and what data is retained in the master record that others are merged into.

Insycle offers numerous pre-built templates for deduplication. Running several templates that identify duplicates in different ways can help you find and merge more duplicates. With custom templates, you can bulk-merge duplicates in advanced ways.

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2. Formatting Names & Standardizing States

Module: Transform Data
Template: Format Proper Case First and Last Name, Standardize State Address

Formatting names for proper case is critical for marketing personalization. You wouldn't want to be addressed as "jane" instead of "Jane." Such mistakes can hurt your brand reputation, especially since fixing these issues is viewed as simple.

Formatting Names

Using Insycle's Transform Data module, formatting names for proper case is simple.

Select "Format Proper Case First and Last Name" in the Transform Data module.

In Step 1, you'll be able to filter your records or push the formatting update to all existing records in your database.

This template formats both and first name for proper case, while being able to deal with many advanced name capitalization requirements, such as the name "O'Brien." This template also removes leading or trailing white space from both names and removes salutations (Mr. and Mrs.) from the first name field.

This is a simple data maintenance task that can be effectively automated using Insycle.

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Standardizing States

Standardizing states is critical for segmentation, assignments, and reporting.

Insycle makes it simple to standardize all states to their official full name.

  • NY → New York
  • new york → New York

In the Transform Data module, select the Standardize State Address Template.

In Step 1, you filter your data down to the records that you would like to update.

In Step 2, you instruct Insycle to update the State field, and select the function "Standardize US States, CA Provinces."

Then you can standardize states in your CRM in bulk one time, or automatically on an ongoing basis. With standardized states, you can better filter, group, and report on your data.

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3. Associate Contacts to Companies

Module: Bulk Operations
Template: Associate Contacts to Companies Using Name

Associating contacts to companies is critical for account-based marketing (ABM). Being able to identify and engage with all stakeholders within a company is critical for ABM success. To do that, you need to properly link contacts to companies in your data.

With Insycle, you can associate people and companies in your CRM in bulk, or while importing data. To associate records that are currently in the database, use the Bulk Operations module. You can use the "Associate Contacts to Companies Using Name" template. This template starts by filtering records down to those that have a Company Name listed for the contact, while not being linked to a company.

associate contacts

To link contacts and companies, you'll need to choose fields that have similar values in both records. For example, you can use Email Domain on the contact and Website Domain on the company record to match the records and establish the association.

Then, in Step 2, Insycle associates the records using the Company Name as the matching field. Associated companies will be automatically detected and associations will be set, in bulk.


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