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Insycle offers deep filtering features, allowing you to slice and dice data in advanced ways to better understand what you have in your CRM.

Insycle modules default to using the 'AND' operator and not the 'OR' operator when choosing fields for filtering.

For example:

Missing 'First Name' AND 'Last Name.' vs. Missing 'First Name' OR 'Last Name.'

But there is a simple method for filtering data using multiple fields and using the 'OR' operator.


Insycle defaults to the 'AND' operator, like missing 'First Name' AND 'Last Name.'

But filtering data using multiple fields and using the 'OR' operator (such as Missing 'First Name' OR 'Last Name') is easy.

First, you set up your Insycle template using the fields that you would like. Then you click the "Advanced" tab, remove the "+" from the syntax. Then you can filter using multiple fields using the 'OR' operator.

Step 1: Set Up Your Filter Using Your Desired Fields
Add the fields that you would like to filter by using the 'OR' operator.

In our example, we will use the Bulk Operations module. We will set our filter up to filter for records with missing first names and last names.


Now, as is, this is looking for "Missing first name AND Missing last name." Insycle does this by default.

But we want to search for "Missing first name OR missing last name."

With your filter set up, click the "Search" button. This generates the advanced syntax for the search.

In the Record Viewer at the bottom of the page, you'll see that the only contacts are those that are missing both the 'First Name' field and 'Last Name' field.

and operator


Step 2: Edit the Advanced Search Syntax

Now click the "Advanced" tab in Step 1. You'll see the advanced search syntax for this filter has been generated.

advanced tab


In the advanced search syntax, before the syntax for each field, you'll see two "+" signs. These "+" sings are what signals to Insycle that the filter will use 'AND.' If you remove these, Insycle will search for both fields using 'OR.'


Remove the "+" signs from your advanced search syntax.

or operator


Now, if we click the Search button, Insycle will search for records that are missing first name OR last name.

OR operator


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